June 2, 2017 links to skim

Michael Bliss, author of The Discovery of Insulin, has died. RIP. I read his book while I was an endocrine fellow, overlapping, ironically, with a trip to Toronto for the Endocrine Society conference. His work was accessible, non-academic, and revealing.

“Family-based weight loss therapy sessions worked just as well whether children attended or not, as long as their parents did,” researchers found in a “two-arm trial” that included “150 overweight or obese children ages 8 to 12 and their parents.” Parents, your work with your children matters a lot. 

Whole-body vibration may be as effective as exercise in mice. Color me skeptical. I first heard of vibration for metabolic disease in a presentation by an astronaut in college in the nineties. And, in spite of the plethora of machines available claiming to vibrate you to better health, the science just doesn't seem to have advanced that much. I'll skip my vibration sessions for the time being.