Links for Tuesday, October 9, 2018: Overtreatment of subclinical hypothyroidism, altruism and specialty choice, and Roman wiping technology

Treating your TSH level of 10 mIU/L with thyroid hormone probably won’t make you feel better

But your doctor will probably try to talk you into it, anyway (paywall):

“Although current guidelines are at first sight cautious with treatment recommendations, more than 90% of persons with subclinical hypothyroidism and a thyrotropin level of less than 10 mIU/L would actually qualify for treatment. However, results of this meta-analysis are not consistent with these guideline recommendations.”

Are altruistic students more likely to choose lower-paying specialties in medicine?

This paper is complex and paywalled, and I won’t pretend to understand it. But yes, it does seem that altruism is related to choosing lower-paying specialties and more underserved areas:

<$300,000 per year is defined as a lower-paying specialty, which calls my career choices into doubt.

<$300,000 per year is defined as a lower-paying specialty, which calls my career choices into doubt.

How did ancient Romans wipe without toilet paper?

Let’s all share a collective shiver at the thought of a communal, stall-less bathroom with sponges on sticks, shall we?

Link dump - March 3, 2017

People who cook real food and eat it at the table like human beings instead of eating processed garbage in front of a screen like drooling automatons have a lower risk of obesity. Good to know.

Wichita roads are friendlier to cyclists. I've experienced this myself, and I've meant to write a letter to the Eagle thanking the city and its drivers for not killing me, but now it's taken care of. *washes hands*

Obese people who "self stigmatize" may be at higher metabolic risk. This is an interesting hypothesis. Intuitively, I believe it; there's so much undeserved self-hatred out there among people who weigh more than they want to. But the sample size of this paper makes me suspicious. It has the smell of p-value hunting.

Aggressive treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism with levothyroxine in pregnancy probably doesn't result in smarter kids. This is disappointing.

Taxing sugared drinks makes people drink less insect bait. Go figure.

Have a good weekend

Have a good weekend