June 6, 2017 link-a-dink

The idea that good diabetes care isn't strictly an obsessive quest for an A1c level of 7% or less is finally hitting the mainstream press. This article also touches on the very real dilemma that doctors and patients face: Do we use old, cheap drugs that are effective at lowering the hemoglobin A1c level, or do we use new, astonishingly expensive drugs that have better evidence of actually reducing death?

Most people will never understand my eating disorder. "I am six feet tall and between 180 and 190 pounds, depending on the month. I am by no means the picture of health or even particularly muscular-looking—not for someone who exercises this much, and definitely not compared to most of the men I see at my gym. Or maybe I am? That's the problem, or one of them: What I see when I look in the mirror doesn't correspond with reality. I see a fat piece of shit, and then I think to myself that it's time to punish my body for letting me down."

Do patients make mistakes during doctor visits because they're put in a position that forces them to rely on intuition and makes them vulnerable to biases?