How to break up with your phone, Double Arrow Metabolism edition, day eight

It's Week 2, Changing Your Habits!

In which Catherine tells me that my smartphone is an emotional and physical cue for me to reach for it when I'm bored (my lizard-brain response to boredom) so that I can not be bored anymore (my reward). And the way that response is hard-wired into us can't necessarily be eliminated, but it can be modified. 

That brings us to today, Day 8: Say "No" to Notifications. Catherine points out that our phone notifications are a little like the ringing bell in Pavlov's dog experiment. We are so preoccupied with the next notification that we are driven to distraction when we're even near our phones. I agree with her that this may be the reason I used to get phantom buzzes from my phone all the time. 

So today's the day that I eliminate all push notifications from my phone, except for phone calls and (if I want, and I don't) messaging apps and my calendar. So to clarify: I will only get notifications from my phone ringer and my calendar (and, as previously mentioned, RubiconMD). Catherine says that since those notifications represent a chance for interaction with a real-life human, we can leave them on. Agreed. Done. Done weeks ago, actually. But it felt good then, and I don't regret it.