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Diabetes Care as a Team Sport

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The discovery and purification of insulin in 1921 transformed diabetes mellitus from an almost universally fatal illness into a chronic disease. Seventy years later, tightening standards of control of blood sugars, blood pressures, and cholesterol levels dramatically extended and improved the lives of people with diabetes. Now diabetes care is in the midst of its third great paradigm shift, toward primary prevention of diabetes and team- and community-based strategies for control. This webinar will discuss strategies from the community into the clinic for preventing high-risk patients from developing diabetes and for improving the care of patients already diagnosed with diabetes. 

We're going to work by webinar to:

  • Understand that the diagnostic paradigm of diabetes has shifted from clinical to laboratory-based
  • Understand that the treatment paradigm of diabetes has shifted from treatment of complications to prevention of disease
  • Identify resources in the clinic that may simplify diabetes care
  • Identify resources in the community that may improve diabetes care
  • Propose team-based workflows for implementing and sustaining the prevention and care of diabetes

CME will be provided by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County